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AUMA - Alliance University of Martial Arts

The FMA section of AUMA introduces ASA6 & Arnis Baybayin

The projects to bridge different Filipino Martial Arts Systems and Styles are now introduced by AUMA FMA. It's now made possible for different systems and styles to communicate and transfer knowledge through these tools:

- Arnis Simplified Arnis 6 Strikes (ASA6) by implementing and extracting techniques and principles in to and out of this routine.

- Arnis Baybayin by translating techniques and movements into codes and formulas for them to be reinterpreted into movements again.

Further collaborations are already in progress by AUMA FMA and also other (weapon based) Martial Arts and South East Asian Martial Arts Systems and Styles.

Full Time Training possible in Zurich

In Zurich, since November 2019, Martial Arts Training as a full time job is now possible. The Alliance University of Martial Arts joined forces with the Arnis Club Zurich to make a 40 hours per week Training possible for students.

Zurich, Switzerland

The last Alliance Week was held in Autumn 2019. For the first time we doubled the time period to two weeks. In the video you can see some of the many modules we offered.

Arnis & Muay Thai

The last bigger Collaboration we did, was the combination of the Filipino and Thai Martial Arts. This Arnis and Muay Thai event was focused on the element of Clinching. Some similarities and differences in the systems were shown but also some possibilities of mixtures was given to the participants for embracing the diversity of Martial Arts.

AUMA Website under construction

This website is currently under construction.

AUMA FMA introduces two tools

ASA6 and Arnis Baybayin as bridges to different FMA Systems and Styles.


AUMA SEAMA supported

The South East Asian Martial Arts section of AUMA is now supported by a global network in Pencak Silat.

German Forum now online

The german forum is now available. 

Next Alliance Week in 2020

The next event, which was planned for April and May 2020, is cancelled because of the global situation.

New Collaboration

Arnis & Silat Seminars are planned to expand the South East Asian Martial Arts diversity in the Alliance.

Silat Seminar in March 2020

The Indonesian Martial Arts Pencak Silat will be held by Master Alvin Guinanao in Zurich, Switzerland.