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5 Martial Arts Seminar

With a seminar we introduced five Martial Arts. These were represented by instructors of different backgrounds:

- Taekwondo

- Muay Thai

- Krav Maga

- Hapkido

- Arnis



1st Alliance FMA Seminar

October 27, 2018

10 am - 3 pm

Führser Mühlweg 70

31582 Nienburg/Weser, Germany

40.- €

Our first FMA Seminar is held in Germany and will be guided by

- Andrew Andes

Arnis Club Zürich

- Ericson Hölzchen

Modern Arnis Lapunti Frankfurt


- Stefan Huck

Huck Filipino Combat Nienburg/Weser

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Johnson Wei Muay Thai


Arnis Club Zürich




Modern Arnis Lapunti


Huck Filipino Combat

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