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AUMA - Alliance University of Martial Arts

Study Courses are limited due to the global situation

Our Study Courses are focused on a local basis at the moment.
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Saturday, 5th May 2020

- Introduction to Basic Arnis Baybayin in German

Arnis Baybayin Online Seminar.jpg

Basic Arnis Baybayin ​- Online Seminar

This Seminar is only held in German. English seminars are coming soon.

What is Arnis Baybayin?

In the FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) section of AUMA - Alliance University of Martial Arts, a language was developed, which makes it possible to easily bridge different styles and systems and how they communicate.

The numbers for angles of strikes and routines are now put aside because the essence of the strikes are important in transfering knowledge on a practical basis for different systems and styles of Filipino Martial Arts traditions.

A number 5 seems to be a "stab to the middle", but in another style it could be a number 7. The "stab to the middle" stays the same.